complete 3D imaging solution for Body, Breast, and Face


VECTRA XT, developed by Canfield Scientific, allows patients to visualize 3D images of their body and see desired results with simulations of cosmetic surgery procedures prior to actually having surgery. This ultimate image solution is a flagship 3D imaging system that helps our patients get unprecedented results during consultations showing how their cosmetic surgery results may end up. Our practice is the first in Japan to adopt this technology called VECTRA XT, visualizing the results of a wide range of procedures for the face, breast, and body. The technology is safe, comfortable, and effective, revealing a realistic glimpse of projected changes.

This innovation reduces ambiguity and creates an effective platform for discussion of desired results. VECTRA XT enhances patient-surgeon communication and helps manage expectations and comfort level pre-surgery. The software can identify breast asymmetry and volume discrepancy, aiding more accurate breast implant choice. The software incorporates all major implant brands, shapes and sizes from FDA approved manufacturers. We take breast surgery consultations to a new level.

Three types of dynamic simulation technologies are available from VECTRA XT. The Face Sculptor shows patients the possibilities of rhinoplasty or chin augmentation. The Breast Sculptor can illustrate what the results of a breast augmentation could be using various types of implants and other techniques. Certain breast lifts can also be visualized. And The Body Sculptor can help you visualize what your thinner, more toned contours would look like after liposuction or a tummy tuck, whether you are experiencing the appearance of cellulite, loose skin, or excess fat in the abdomen area. The VECTRA XT imaging system is completely non-invasive and backed by the highest standards in patient safety, comfort, and convenience.

VECTRA XT features ultra high resolution, three-dimensional color images that reveal precise details and definition for procedures of the face, breast, or body. The time it takes to capture the source images is just 3.5 milliseconds, so the setup is quick.

VECTRA XTによる三次元的撮影・数値解析

私達はCanfield Scientific社のVECTRA XTを用い、顔面や乳房など身体各部位の三次元的撮影・数値解析3)を行い、重力の影響も計算したFluid gravity modelによる高精度な術式検討4)や術後評価を徹底的に行っており、乳房リフトを筆頭に腹壁形成など日本の美容外科ではほとんど行うことのできない高度な手術を求めて患者が全国から集まっています。

VECTRA XTにはFDAに認可された全てのメーカーのインプラントデータも入っており、私達は超音波エコー検査による体内の画像データとVECTRA XT Imagingを併用してインプラント挿入層や乳房内位置を調整し、個々のインプラントと術式別による非常に高精度な再現性の高い5)6)シミュレーションを実施しています。

旧ベクトラボディ(Vectra X3)から進化した次世代VECTRA XTは当院が日本で初めて導入し、現在日本では当院でのみ稼働しています。VECTRA XTの解析・シミュレーションの正確性11)や左右非対称性の補正12)は世界的に高く評価され、アメリカの著名美容外科では多く稼働しています。当院では世界でも群を抜く、アメリカ型の高度なボディ手術を提供しています。

VECTRA XTによる乳房手術のシミュレーション VECTRA XTによる乳房手術のシミュレーション 顔面の部位別解析・手術シミュレーション


FUTUS ultrasound platform provides high-resolution imaging to support accurate diagnoses and reduced examination time. This ultrasound scanner is second to none for reliability since the performance of this ultrasound system is aligned with modern processing power and electronics.

FUTUS features great imaging technologies such as ClearVision, MultiVision, S-Harmonic, S-Flow and Real-time Tissue Elastography to support a clear view and confident preoperative assessment. This ultrasound platform responds to high expectations to answer the ever increasing demands of medical professionals.

Real-time Tissue Elastography is an emerging and innovative diagnostic tool for the assessment and real time color display of tissue elasticity. This 2nd generation ultrasound modality has proven applications in breast, abdomen, buttock and many more. It allows more accurate localization and targeting. Elastography is available with more than 25 different transducers. Numerous publications and communications at scientific meetings have validated its accuracy and reproducibility in many clinical fields.






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