Medicine is an ever changing science undergoing continual development. Research and clinical experience are continually expanding our knowledge, in particular our knowledge of proper treatment and drug therapy. Cosmetic surgery today is all about putting patient safety and outcome first and foremost always.

We are a team of mission driven professionals striving each day to excel in delivering the best care and results to our patients with the most innovative techniques and latest technology in a safe outcome driven manner. Our surgical team deserves every advantage to ensure the best results.




深野 雄一郎
Yuichiro Fukano M.D.
医師(医籍 第481414号)
美容外科専門医(日本美容外科学会専門医籍 第1229号)
麻薬施用医師(免許 第04-281号)
日本眼形成再建外科学会 眼形成手術実施医
  • 2009年
    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
    Cleveland Clinic
  • 2015年
    U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa
  • 2016年
    Southern Cross Hospitals Auckland Surgical Centre
  • 2019年
    Goldstein Plastic Surgery Fellowship

Dr. Fukano is an expert on delivering the look you desire. He is very patient, kind and listens to your dreams, making them a reality come true.

南 俊孝
Toshitaka Minami M.D.
医師(医籍 第411204号)
麻酔科専門医(日本麻酔科学会専門医籍 第6923号)
2000年 京都大学医学部卒業
  • Practice guidelines for sedation and analgesia by non-anesthesiologists. Anesthesiology. 96(4) : 1004-1017, 2012.

Dr. Minami brought with him the latest in anesthetic techniques and has never compromised when it comes to his patient’s safety and comfort. Approaching most things in life with compassion and an unwavering vigilance for excellence, he naturally sought out surgeons who also strive for excellence in all aspects of patient care.

青木 あづさ
Azusa Aoki
  • 2019年
    X -SHANGHAI Grand Central-
  • 2021年
    X -consultation office OKINAWA-
Operations Specialist
日本美容外科学会員(ID. 11569)

Azusa is our experienced manager and is dedicated to offering our patients the best surgical experience. She is there from the beginning of every patient’s aesthetic journey until s/he has completed her/his post-operative visits. She is available to answer questions and guide our patients throughout the aesthetic enhancement process. She is looking forward to welcoming patients into our brand-new surgical facility.

Franz Goldstein M.D.
Franz Goldstein
Franz Goldstein M.D.
Double-board certified plastic surgeon in EU
Surgical Attending of cosmetic surgery X and X -SHANGHAI Grand Central-
Rachel K. Anderson
Rachel K. Anderson
Rachel K. Anderson
Global Manager
Registered Nurse in US.